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Video // 23.06.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Supported in Working Together

At Ed. Collective, we believe in working together. We're committed to creating the kind of environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident being themselves.

Speak // 13.06.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Tertiary Education in NZ: Time for Change

It's time for tertiary education in NZ to change. Here's why.

Opinion // 17.06.2016 // Curated by Ed.

The Need for Speed: Open universities and polytechs year-round

Traditionally, tertiary institutions teach in a comprehensive way for around 22-24 weeks per year. We can do better.

Doing it right for Dis/abled students

Opinion // 10.06.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Dis/ability and Doing It Better

Are students with learning difficulties and dis/abilities receiving sufficient support in higher education?

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