Here at Ed. Collective our vision for the future of education is one of great learning experiences and strong learner communities.

The way we learn and what we learn needs to keep pace with the constantly changing world that we live in. It’s really that simple. But simple concepts are seldom easy to make happen. We get that.

To achieve the happy place where content and the way it's taught and connected with the real world adapt as new ideas come on stream is a tough ask. And to be honest, it’s only going to happen if we all sign up to working together differently; and by ‘we’ we’re talking about learners, education organisations, business, community organisations and local and national government.

We need to get moving. Learners and employers need to be involved at the centre of the design and development of education services to ensure the end product delivers useful outcomes like life skills and jobs.


You might want to get to know of few of these folk...

  • Executive Director

    Luc - passionate about the future of learning and helping people to be everything they can be.

    Luc's story

    Luc is inspired by people who challenge the status quo and work to effect change.  He loves connecting people, ideas and actions – working with great people on stuff that matters.  Luc believes that Ed. Collective can influence real, tangible change for the better for New Zealand’s learners – wherever you run into him, he’s bound to be working on that.


    You can contact Luc at: luc.shorter@edcollective.org.nz



  • Chairman

    Thoje – passionate about connecting learners and learning experiences to the real needs of the individual and New Zealand

    Thoje's story

    Bring a bag of your best home-grown fare when you meet Thoje and you’ll no doubt get him started on New Zealand’s big opportunity to educate and learn the basics of producing good food and drink and looking after our incredible environment. Spreading the best of hands-on life skills and knowledge throughout the community is Thoje’s life’s work and it’s that drive and energy, together with years of experience helping organisations succeed, that Thoje brings to the Ed. Collective table.



    IOD Member No 56422 MInstD

  • Board Trustee

    Rebecca - passionate about people, change and making every day count.

    Rebecca's story

    Rebecca is a change agent and impact strategist and gets her energy from helping organisations set ambitious goals, develop strategies and roll them out.  Rebecca has done all sorts over the course of her career and enjoys moving between corporate and community settings, working with people who want change for their organisations and their communities. She’s usually at the centre of the action, but when she’s not, Rebecca will be on a beach somewhere thinking about what-next.



  • Board Trustee

    Curtis – passionate about learning being interesting, practical and relevant to the future you want to create.

    Curtis's story

    Hit up one of the learners Curtis works with for a haircut and you’ll get more than a new look, you’ll also experience how hands-on trades should be taught in New Zealand. Curtis’s research into how educators can improve the learning experience using technology is highly sought after. Ed.Collective’s work with education organisations, private and public, is where Curtis’s vast experience has real impact. He just gets it. He knows educating and learning are intertwined – the educator learning how to adapt to the brave new world as much as the learner! As long as Curtis is creating forward movement he sleeps like a baby.

  • Board Trustee

    Jo – passionate about the digital future of learning, broadening choices for learners, and making more of learning-by-doing.

    Jo's story

    You’ll find Jo at her home in the Bay of Plenty creating and learning-by-doing with people of all ages and stages – those at the beginning their life-long learning journey, through to entrepreneurs applying what they’ve learnt to solve problems in new smart, sustainable ways. Seek Jo out if there’s something to do with learning you want to brag or bitch about, or a cool idea you want to share, particularly on twitter or snapchat (@jo_allum). Ed.Collective’s product and service design is her fav thing and she’s fully focused on creating solutions that are fit for consumption today and tomorrow (rather than yesterday). It’s always full steam ahead with Jo!


  • Mark Lovatt

    Mark - a creative through and through, passionate about good design and creating beautiful work.

    Mark's story

    Mark is our award-winning resident design guru. Thoughtful and talented, Mark is responsible for making sure everything looks right, feels right and connects with all sorts of audiences.

  • GM Operations

    Sue – passionate about collective progress; working together to get the job done.

    Sue's story

    Sue is a big believer in synergy; that better outcomes can be achieved by working together rather than by a series of solo acts. She’s also a fan of doing stuff that takes you forward in life. You will often find Sue out and about collecting feedback on what we do today and ideas for how we could do things better tomorrow. Getting the right team and support structures in place, doing a lot with a little and creating forward momentum is what Sue is charged with. Providing lots of support and encouragement along the way just comes naturally.

  • Accounts Administrator

    Kathy - passionate about getting things done on time!

    Kathy's story

    When Kathy’s on the job everyone breaths a little easier. She makes sure everything happens when it should and is constantly looking for ways to improve systems to make life simpler for everyone in the team. Every team needs a Kathy.

  • Events Manager

    Candice - Passionate about using social engagement to improve learner experiences.

    Candice's story

    Never underestimate the power of a cup of coffee with your club mates, or crashing into people in Bumper Balls – social engagement can lead to a stronger network of friends to help support you through your study years and beyond. You’ll usually find Candice right in amongst it dragging BBQ’s around, setting up gazebo’s and coordinating helper outers on where to go and what to do to ensure every event runs according to plan. Planning out the full calendar, figuring out where every little piece fits, and then making it happen is all in a days work for our Candice!

  • Kyle Petrie

    Student Advoate

    Kyle - Ensuring students are aware of their rights and that they’re protected.

    Kyle's story

    It wasn’t that long ago that Kyle was living the student life himself to complete a Bachelor of Laws at AUT, so he understands the challenges you face while studying.  Now, as a Student Advocate for Ed. Collective, Kyle helps students with issues and offers support in the form of advice, making recommendations and putting forward cases on their behalf.  Basically, his role is to ensure students are aware of their rights and that they’re protected.  When you meet Kyle, you’ll be able to tell he loves what he does, almost as much as he loves spending time with his son and catching up with mates.

  • Media and Communications Coordinator | Student Media Editor

    Miguel's story

  • Jamie McPherson

    Student Advocate

    Jamie helps learners understand their rights.

    Jamie's story

    From bullying to failed flats, Jamie helps learners understand their rights.  Jamie knows the importance of developing positive relationships from study through to professional and personal life and wants to increase the opportunities for young students to grow, discover and pursue careers that have real meaning. In fact, this is exactly what you’ll find him doing most of the time.


Ed. Collective is an independent group of New Zealanders on a mission. We want to get learners more involved in reshaping tertiary education services to better reflect the demands of the 21st century.

And when we say involved, we mean right in amongst it; designing and developing solutions that achieve way better outcomes for learners, for employers and for the community.

In order to do that we’re developing a digital soapbox to connect, create and energise learner communities; acting as their polling booth, listening post and megaphone where necessary.

We’re also working on closing the gap between learners, industries, communities, and education organisations. We reckon if we can get some real world dialogue happening between these groups we can start to improve the link between qualifications and employment. That’s the money shot!

Feedback we’ve received to date tells us that a lot of learners think New Zealand’s education system is a bit out-dated (well that’s the polite version) and generally needs to change. One of the people that we talked to shared a great quote: “our education system is designed for 19th century living, delivered by 20th century educators, yet destined for 21st century learners”. Maybe a little harsh, but they have a point.

So guess what? It’s time for a bit of a shake up; and that change needs to be led from the people on the ground. We’ve assembled a team to help NZ learners consolidate and share their views, and ultimately convert their real world perspective into real world action.