Here at Ed. Collective our vision for the future of education is one of great learning experiences and strong learner communities.

The way we learn and what we learn needs to keep pace with the constantly changing world that we live in. It’s really that simple. But simple concepts are seldom easy to make happen. We get that.

To achieve the happy place where content and the way it's taught and connected with the real world adapt as new ideas come on stream is a tough ask. And to be honest, it’s only going to happen if we all sign up to working together differently; and by ‘we’ we’re talking about learners, education organisations, business, community organisations and local and national government.

We need to get moving. Learners and employers need to be involved at the centre of the design and development of education services to ensure the end product delivers useful outcomes like life skills and jobs.



Ed. Collective is an independent group of New Zealanders on a mission. We want to get learners more involved in reshaping tertiary education services to better reflect the demands of the 21st century.

And when we say involved, we mean right in amongst it; designing and developing solutions that achieve way better outcomes for learners, for employers and for the community.

In order to do that we’re developing a digital soapbox to connect, create and energise learner communities; acting as their polling booth, listening post and megaphone where necessary.

We’re also working on closing the gap between learners, industries, communities, and education organisations. We reckon if we can get some real world dialogue happening between these groups we can start to improve the link between qualifications and employment. That’s the money shot!

Feedback we’ve received to date tells us that a lot of learners think New Zealand’s education system is a bit out-dated (well that’s the polite version) and generally needs to change. One of the people that we talked to shared a great quote: “our education system is designed for 19th century living, delivered by 20th century educators, yet destined for 21st century learners”. Maybe a little harsh, but they have a point.

So guess what? It’s time for a bit of a shake up; and that change needs to be led from the people on the ground. We’ve assembled a team to help NZ learners consolidate and share their views, and ultimately convert their real world perspective into real world action.