Derek Handley, Leader

News // 22.04.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Derek Handley: Leader

“I think our education system should prepare young people to be best equipped to create a life of value and meaning to them. It should help people learn what is significant and important to them, giving them the confidence and tools to navigate what they’re really good at, what they love, and what challenges the world needs them to solve.

Mission-oriented learning must become a significant part of the future of education. So instead of learning subjects or disciplines, learning how to solve societal problems within the framework of the system they operate in –  whether it’s food waste, homelessness or prison recidivism. We need more innovative ways of addressing these escalating issues and university is a great way to explore new models for tackling them.

I would also love to see a system that encourages a portfolio approach to learning – a mix of multifaceted learning and personal experiences to create more interesting and varied graduates who will be highly valuable to society.”

Derek Handley, Founder Aera Foundation, Adjunct Professor AUT


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