Speak // 06.11.2015 // Curated by Ed.

Jobfest 2015: Young jobseekers have their say

A couple of months back, Auckland Council’s Youth Connections and Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development Ltd (ATEED) held an event to connect young jobseekers with potential employers and give them some tips on how to get ahead in the job market.  A couple of thousand young people turned out in dodgy weather for Jobfest15 and we were lucky to have a thousand of them speak to us about their backgrounds, present intentions and future aspirations.  The full report can be found here.

As you would expect in one of the more diverse cities in the world, there was quite a lot of variation in ethnic background.  One surprise was that while Asians and Indians made up only 7% of those 16-18 years of age, they accounted for nearly 60% of those 23-24.  Another was that despite the fact the event was held on the North Shore (which has no decile 1-3 schools and only one decile 4) decile 1-4 schools accounted for 31% of current secondary school students who attended. The Youth Connections team had put a lot into engaging a broad range of schools and it seems it paid off.

What would help get work?

When asked what they thought would be most helpful in finding work, the top 4 answers were:

1. Digital tools
2. Experience
3. Networking opportunities
4. Real-life events like Jobfest

Ed. Collective is keen to explore how these four things can be woven together to support 21st century learning and getting our young people into work.

What do young jobseekers want from employers?

We also found that the main factors for people included:

1. The desire to learn new skills;
2. How those skills would support their future career path;
3. Whether they will enjoy the work; and
4. Whether they will be supported to succeed.

While in some ways this might seem obvious, it’s helpful for employers of young people to understand what they want and how they can provide it in a way that gives them what they want.

What do young people want to do?

Technology careers were the runaway winners of the popularity contest.  If this aspiration can be translated into boots on the ground, this is great news for New Zealand’s tech sector which is crying out for skilled staff. Running their own businesses, hospitality, retail and teaching also rated highly.

What now?

There’s more work to do, but we are keen to partner with organisations who want to make a difference for learners and young people as they look to start their careers.  We’ve got some good people around us, but we’re always keen to talk if you’re doing something interesting in this area.

Thank you

We want to thank all the people who took the time to talk to us at Jobfest15 – we’ll keep you updated about new developments.