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Shelley Campbell LearnersAndLeaders

News // 09.05.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Shelley Campbell: Leader

"If I could change one thing about tertiary education in NZ, it’s that we raise the aspirations of all NZers."

Opinion // 31.01.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Not to be ungrateful…

Empty Lecture Hall

News // 05.02.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Loss of students for the right reasons?

This morning we heard that New Zealand universities and other tertiary institutions are facing the loss of 10,000 students over the next three years.

Ideas for higher education

Opinion // 11.12.2015 // Curated by Ed.

We need bold ideas for higher education

So much of the discussion around higher education is focused on how much it costs and who should pay. We're talking about the wrong stuff.

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