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Pass Rates

Opinion // 30.03.2017 // Curated by Ed.

Getting a Free Pass: Students are Not the Only Ones

Phil Goff #LearnersAndLeaders

News // 13.05.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Phil Goff: Leader

"More than ever before we must ensure that every young Aucklander and New Zealander has access to further education and skill training." - Phil Goff.

Quijing Easterbrook-Wong | Borderless

News // 25.04.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Qiujing Easterbrook-Wong: Leader

"HOW we show up in life and to work, is going to be far more critical than WHAT (the qualification) we have achieved."

Doing it right for Dis/abled students

Opinion // 10.06.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Dis/ability and Doing It Better

Are students with learning difficulties and dis/abilities receiving sufficient support in higher education?

Sina Wendt-Moore, Leadership NZ

Opinion // 26.04.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Sina Wendt-Moore: Leader

"Imagine if higher learning in New Zealand focused on building authenticity, resilience and skills to make positive changes."

Lizzy Marvelly, Leader

News // 20.04.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Lizzie Marvelly: Leader

"I feel like I was really lucky because as a distance learner I was able to learn at my own pace and in my own way".

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