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Strong Learner Communities

News // 30.03.2016 // Curated by Ed.

Building Strong Learner Communities

No matter who you are, if you’re a learner, we want you to share your experiences, concerns and hopes about study.

News // 03.02.2015 // Curated by Ed.

2014 Innovations in Tertiary Education Summit (ITES)

e-Learning, online learning, and the industries springing up around them, continue to turn heads at the highest levels but are they leading to policy change or simply more talk?

In June 2014, Hon Steven Joyce, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, hosted an ‘Innovations in Tertiary Education Summit’ to launch a national conversation about innovative best practice. Topics ranged from the challenges and opportunities facing tertiary education, through to the disruption caused by the internet, Massive Open Online Courses, (MOOCS), and the flipped classroom model.

ITES was followed up by a series of smaller workshops around the country to zoom in on the Summit’s key findings, inform Ministers, and drive policy development at a national level.

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