Learning Hotspots // 28.01.2016 // Curated by Ed.

TalentED. A story of young Pacific designers

New Zealand is a wealth of youth talent. As a society, it’s our job (and to our enormous benefit) to make sure that potential is developed and harnessed. Last year, when we spoke to around 1000 young people, they cited experience as being one of the most helpful things for them securing employment in their chosen field.

This video tells the story of how Ed. Collective partnered with the Ministry for Pacific Peoples and Manukau Institute of Technology to bring two learners with mad design skills to the table to work on the Ministry’s new visual identity.

The brief was to come up with an identity that expressed the new reality of the Pacific communities the Ministry exists to serve.  Once a community predominantly comprised of migrants, today 60% or more of Pacific peoples were born in New Zealand.  While the links with the islands remain strong and Pacific values still sit at the heart of the Pacific Kiwi identity, it is important to recognise that Pacific is no longer an ethnic ‘other’… Pacific communities have a place to stand here in NZ… and the exchange between New Zealand and Pacific cultures is alive.

Steve Lovett, Daisy Tavilione & Nofoagaoalii Me

Steve Lovett, Daisy Tavilione & Nofoagaoalii Me

Working on this project was not just a useful opportunity to earn some money, it provided valuable experience that will serve Daisy and Nofo as they embark on their careers.  From the Ministry’s perspective, their new way of being and expressing themselves comes directly from Pacific youth – contemporary, connected and focused on the future.

Enjoy the story of Daisy and Nofo and how these Pacific young people brought all this to life through the design of a new visual identity – logo, typography and how they are used.  None of this would have been possible without their lecturer, Steve Lovett, who went above and beyond in providing the right environment and support for their talents to shine.

Later this year, Ed. Collective intends to work with other organisations to provide more experiences like this for learners. Looking forward to it!