Tauranga Careers and Business Expo

Speak // 05.10.2016 // Curated by Ed.

What Matters Most at the Mount?

From study planning through to job-search skills, Ed. Collective has been thinking about what can make learning better and help people get into work they love. We regularly talk to young people to find out what matters to them and recently we went to the Tauranga Careers and Business Expo to meet senior school students and chat with them. We asked about what excites them and worries them when it comes to the next stage of study and careers.

The students we met in Mount Maunganui face many of the same challenges as young people in other cities. They worry about having enough money, the size of the loan they’ll accumulate and succeeding in their courses. They are anxious to make the right decision about what to study and whether they’ll have the right information to do this. To us, it seems there is an opportunity here to give them better support. When we asked if digital tools or other resources would help them with study choices they were extremely interested. It sounds like a go to us, and we’d like to know what else you think would help.

Being able to fit work around study commitments stood out as an immediate concern for those at the Expo. The students also feel that they don’t have the relevant job-search skills when it comes to things like preparing a CV and knowing where to look. Most of all, it’s that foot in the door and real-world experience that appears to be the major barrier to getting into work. It seems there simply aren’t enough opportunities for those who are new to work. Interestingly, Ed. Collective’s discussions with employers has revealed that they also feel they have little support or incentive to recruit staff who are new to work.

Ed. Collective left the Bay of Plenty feeling inspired by the learners we met simply because of their great optimism, flexibility and positive outlook. Their aspirations to build a better future for themselves are quite humbling. With this in mind, it’s time for those in the system to get in behind them.

You can read the full report here.